Spirit Help and Guidance.
Spirit Help and Guidance.
Spirit Guidance & Help for Today
Spirit Guidance & Help for Today

About Me

Name: Scott D. Petersen
Hometown: Westfield, WI


Guiding spirits or ghosts to the "other side of deaths curtain" plus removing harmful ghosts or spirits is a very important part of my life. It helps both people and spirits alike in a positive manner. This is very important in order to maintain a harmonic balance between the spiritual world and our physical world.


Balancing energies in homes, businesses and on properties keeps the occupants in a positive and productive environment. By balancing energies, you can have a happier family, have employees with more motivation and feel better or ensure that a certain location that you may want to build on doesn't have bad energies, such as geopathic stress, that would cause energy problems in the future.


All services are free of charge without obligation because I feel that helping others should not require payment, but donations are always appreciated.


Please visit the Services page or Contact me to see how I may be of assistance to you.




Is Possession Real?
Many people believe possession is what the mainstream media puts out there, but it's not.

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