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Do you "heal" people of sicknesses or disabilities?

I do not perform any type of "healing" of a persons sicknesses or disabilities. I can provide positive energies to a persons own spirit guide(s) and to a persons mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. Also, by guiding spirits away from a person, home or building and/or balancing energies, a person may actually feel better. There are people that do "heal" chakra's and other spiritual aspects of a person by using different methods.


Do you perform exorcisms?

Technically an exorcism is the act of guiding/removing a spirit or spirits away from a person. So I do perform exorcisms in the form of spirit guidance or removal.


What is the difference between "spirits of-the-light" and "spirits of-the-dark"?

A majority of spirits have lead a good life with some "bumps" happening here and there that were against good judgement. These spirits are "of-the-light" because they did only minor infractions listed under the "rules" of the deity that you worship or believe in.


A handfull of spirits have lead a bad and harmful life that affected others in a very bad way. Murder and rape are the two most common horrible acts that create "unworthy spirits of-the-dark". These spirits most often can not be guided to the "other side" due to these acts. They can only be moved to a place away from where they were causing problems so they cannot hurt another creature or spirit.


Are there other different type of "spirits of-the-dark"?

Believe it or not there actually is.


A majority of dark spirits have committed some horrible act that will not allow them to be guided to the "other side". Murder and rape are the two most common acts. These spirits normally try to do some type of harm to people mostly by physical contact. This physical contact may involve pushing a person to fall down stairs or fall of a ladder. Again, anything that can cause harm to a person.


A handful of dark spirits have committed some horrible act, but are from a damaging childhood. These spirits can be guided to the "other side" because their actions have been influenced by their childhood. These spirits will try to get your attention by physically touching a person or manifesting themselves as some type of shadow or energy. Their intent is not to harm, but to make you aware of their presence. Although, making themselves present is usually quite startling since they normally are able to do more things because of their higher energy levels.


Will spirits return to me after they have been guided away?

Some spirits may return to be next to a loved one again or brought back against their will. The latter is the worst as these spirits did not want to come back, but were brought back usually through rituals or by a "spirit of-the-dark".


Dark spirits and people performing "dark" rituals will bring back any spirits that they can in order to perform some harmful act and need an "army". This "army" is usually needed to deter any help by bombarding and overwhelming the spiritual help and forcing them to leave.


What if spirits keep coming back?

If you are having spirits that keep returning, make sure someone is not using a Ouja board or a ritual and they don't know what they are doing. Remember, Ouja boards, tarot cards, pendullums and crystal balls are merely tools of the person using them. It is the intent of the person themselves that will have an affect of the outcome of their actions.


If you don't find that somebody is bringing them back in, have an energy check of yor house. There may be a "dark spirit" that is camouflaging itself as somebody's own spirit guide. I have experienced this many times.


Also, a home or building has its own perimeter to protect itself. If perimeter energy is too low then other spirits can enter and cause harm if they choose to. There are many ways to keep spirits out without having to provide energy via a third party and that is through smudging, prayer or a "white" ritual to keep them out. This normally has to be done on a daily basis.


What is a "dark energy"?

A "dark energy" is an area or object where a dark spirit once might have been, a person who was "dark" in nature and was in the room or area, a location where a "dark ritual" may have been conducted, a mineral deposit, underground river/stream or curry lines in the ground. Dark energies can be removed with the exception of mineral deposits and curry lines. Some underground rivers and streams can be "moved" in order to move the dark energy and sometimes not. In situations where a dark cannot be removed, regular energy balancing will be needed in order to keep a positive energy in the location.


How do I know if I have "dark energies"?

A lot of times these dark energies will create a very bad or uncomfortable feeling when you are in the close proximity of them. They can sometimes manifest themselves into dark spirits from an object if they decided to detach themselves from a person and "hide" to wait for the next victim. A spiritual "sweep" of the home or building will normally show these objects and can be removed without having to dispose of the object. Both dark energies and dark spirits need to actually be "removed" since they have no intent whatsoever to leave and want to stay to do harm.


Do you provide results that I can understand?
I provide a full list of findings ranging from how many sataninc entities there were to your perimeter positive energy protection. I also provide an explanation sheet of all of the information that I provided.


Do you guarantee 100% spirit removal?

Almost all spirits can be removed with the exception of temporary or permanent spirits-of-the-light that are there to help a person or protect a home/building. They have been placed there by a "higher power" and thus have authority over what I can and cannot do. And again, if a spirit-of-the-light does not want to leave and is not "lost" it will stay to be with the person or place with no desire to leave.


Dark spirits on the other hand can be removed and taken to a place where they cannot do harm to another again. And again, they may return due to some type of ritual to bring them back.


Is my information secure and private?

All information that you provide and the results of my findings are 100% confidential and will only be shared between me and the person or persons asking for my help.


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