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Is Possession Real?

So many people these days think that a spirit possessed person thrashes around, foams at the mouth, talks in tongues, levitates off the ground and much more. This is absolutely not true.


A possessed person may act normal at times and abnormal at times. This can include: depression, anxiety, attempted or successful suicide, anger, hatred, violence, physical illness, mental health issues and more.


It is very sad that so many people believe what is in the main stream media and thus the person being possessed will not receive the proper help. It is not to say that all illnesses or mental health issues are possession, but many of them are and can be helped through spirit removal or what people like to call an "exorcism".


A possessed person may be a whole other person when you look into their eyes as if you were looking at someone else. This is frightening for a lot of people as they don't know what to do. This type of possession is very real and very common.


There are so many things that a possessed person can display or portray that it is difficult to understand the whole thing.


Needless to say, possession is real and you need to be aware of the signs.


January 24, 2015




Is Possession Real?
Many people believe possession is what the mainstream media puts out there, but it's not.

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