Spirit Help and Guidance.
Spirit Help and Guidance.
Spirit Guidance & Help for Today
Spirit Guidance & Help for Today


Spirit guidance, or exorcism, and energy balancing are two important elements of what I provide to help both the spirit and the person. All spirits and energies require different approches of work.


Good spirits want to be known and treated with dignity and have feelings and emotions just like you and I. Guiding them away makes the spirit be free from our world and to a realm where they can be with others and be happy. This is a good thing for both the person and spirit alike.


Harmful spirits manifest themselves all too often by attaching to a person and making that person seem"posessed" by their odd behavior. Depression, anxiety, violence and suicidal tendencies are all too often caused by spirits or ghosts using the persons energy or trying to manipulate them to harm or kill themselves thinking that this would free them from our world. This behavior will not free them. They will only have your spirit next to them (If your spirit does not pass to the other side). This is why removing harmful spirits is very important to help the person as soon as possible.


Energies require the replacement or conversion of negative/dark energy into positve/light energy and utilize much more "white energy" to do this.


No matter which item is addressed, only good intentions can be used in order to get positive results.


A person's belief in what is being done is also important so that their mind will be open and accept things that may be out of the ordinary compared to what main stream society likes to portray.


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