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Home and Building Energy Balancing

Balancing the energies in your home or business is just as important in maintaining a healthy atmosphere as is maintaining your own physical, mental and emotional health. Care and caution must be used so all can benefit from energies that are changed from negative/dark to positive/light.


  • Each room of a building must be carefully graded in order to determine the type and amount of energy that is there.
  • The building as a whole must be closely looked at to ensure that there is not some other force creating problems.
  • One must determine whether or not geopathic stresses, such as dark energy minerals, cury lines or underground streams, will provide energy problems.
  • Time and patience is required if there is much dark energy that has to be physically removed since it cannot simply be balanced.
  • To be as non-invasive as possible as people may be in the building who are sensitive to energy changes around them.
  • Again, to use love while balancing energies in order to get the best results since our intentions are good.

All services are free of charge without obligation because I feel that helping others should not require payment, but donations are always appreciated.


If you are interested in my free services please go to the Contact page for instructions.




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