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Spirit Help and Guidance.
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Spirit and Ghost Removal

Spirit and ghost guidance, removal or exorcism, is an important element of what I provide to help both the spirit and the person. Please see below the different aspects of how I guide spirits to where they want to be:

  • I am compassionate towards both the person and the "positive" spirit or spirits involved.
  • I understand even the most complex situations of multiple spirits and the person's connection to them.
  • I do not force spirits to do what they don't want to do, unless they are unworthy or harmful. Positive energy spirits have feelings and personalities just like you and I and want to be treated with dignity.
  • I show love towards all "worthy" spirits, both of-the-light and of-the-dark, no matter what they have done in the past.
  • I remove "unworthy" spirits such as: satanic entities, demons and unworthy dark spirits who may be causing a posession or harming people around them. This also helps create a postive energy atmosphere as these are no longer creating dark and negative energies.
  • I use a non-invasive approach to not "surprise" a positive spirit into fear, but rather inform them that you have asked me to help them and are sincere in our intentions. All positive spirits understand this from my experience.
  • I help people of all religions and beliefs. There is no set religion or belief where a person cannot help spirits in a positive way, both by the person requesting help and me helping them.

Please click on the Spirit and Energy Progress Report file below to see what information is provided to you when a cleansing is done on the person and where they live; also the Spirit and Energy Progress Report Explanation file will provide you important information about the Spirit and Energy Progress Report.


All services are free of charge without obligation because I feel that helping others should not require payment, but donations are always appreciated.


If you are interested in my free services please go to the Contact page for instructions.



Spirit and Energy Progress Report
Spirit Energy Progress Report.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [28.0 KB]
Spirit and Energy Progress Report Explanation
Spirit and Energy Explanation.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [52.6 KB]


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