Spirit Help and Guidance.
Spirit Help and Guidance.
Spirit Guidance & Help for Today
Spirit Guidance & Help for Today

Spirits & Energies

Spirits come in all types. From "light spirits" who are lost and simply looking for guidance to "dark spirits" who want to harm a person or "haunt" them to make their lives miserable. It doesn't matter which type they are, recognizing them and trying to figure out what they really want is the key point.


Energies also come in many forms. Negative energies make a person feel "run down" or make an area unconformtable to be in. You get the "chills" in these areas sometimes. Positive energies are pretty much what they are, positive. They provide a balanced atmosphere making people seem to have more energy, sleep better and feel comfortable in an area.


Both spirits and energies need to be monitered and balanced in order to make sure that things are "ok" with you personally and around you.


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