Spirit Help and Guidance.
Spirit Help and Guidance.
Spirit Guidance & Help for Today
Spirit Guidance & Help for Today

Helping To Repair

I utilize dowsing pendulums which I have instructed to create "white energy" and can only be used for purposes that are positive in nature and that help all in a good way.


Many of my services can be done from my residence without having to travel to a location. This is often the safest option for myself due to the fact that I can control what is happening without being directly influenced by spirits or energies. My own "spirit guide" does the traveling for me which makes it easier for both you and I. There are times though that my actual presence may be needed at a location if there certain elements that can only be addressed in person. 


If you are interested in my free services please go to my Contact page for instructions.




Is Possession Real?
Many people believe possession is what the mainstream media puts out there, but it's not.

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