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About Bad and Good Spirits


Spirits are all too often left in our realm by not being able to leave loved ones behind or do not know where to go after they have passed away, or whatever the case may be. This is troubling for both the spirits that are trapped and the people that they want to communicate with to make their presence known.


Making Themselves Known

Spirits that are trying to make their presence known can sometimes frighten a person by casting shadows, hiding objects, creating cold/hot spots around the person and even having the person feel that they have been touched physically. Normally the intention of the spirits is not to harm, but merely "wake" a person up so that they can receive help or recognition. This is the most common of spirit activities.


Spirit Attachment

There are times where one or more spirits will "attach" themselves to a person. This attachment provides energy for the spirit so they can continue to exist in our realm. This all too often will lead to chronic fatique and illness, depression, anxiety and other mental health issues.


Some spirits have been lost in our realm for too long and they wish to go to the "other side" so they may be with others that they love or just be where they need to be. This is very dangerous for the person as it may lead to accidents that cause sericous injury that could lead to death such as: falling off of something, accidentally cutting themselves, risky behavior and even suicide. The spirit feels that if the person that they are attached to will die, then the spirit can receive help from the spirit of the dead person to continue to the "other side". The spirit will do everything in its power to coherce that person to be put into situations where possible death can occur.


Mental health issues are the easiest for a dark spirit to create since it is already attached to the person and can wear them down to the point where mere exhaustion will cause depression, anxiety, hallucinations and even suicidal tendancies. These people may even be labeled as being "posessed" by a demon or spirit. These people are put into locked rooms for their own safety or given strong medications to mask what is really happening. Quite often it is the attachment of dark spirits that have created this. Please be aware though that not all mental illness is caused by spirits and is an actual illness of the person. The person would need to be checked for spirits that may be attached to them.


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