Spirit Help and Guidance.
Spirit Help and Guidance.
Spirit Guidance & Help for Today
Spirit Guidance & Help for Today


My services have made a positive influence in many people's lives. Whether it be spirit removal, energy balancing, or personal health assessments.


Please find below a few people of the many that I have made a positive impact in their lives.

"He (Scott) has done a wonderful job in removing spirits from my home, balancing its energies and protecting it from harmful things. He has found geopathic stresses that cause negative energies within my home in order for us to address them.


He has provided important information about my family's health through his health assessments for us.


He has also provided us information about our spiritual well-being by communicating with our own spirit guides in order for us to understand what is going on within our lives.


Mr. Petersen is a pleasure to work with and I recommend him to anyone who is dealing with trouble in their lives.


Angie M., Wisconsin, USA

"He (Scott) successfully removed many bad spirits that were causing personal problems and guided good spirits to where they needed to go at both locations. This made the environment at both locations seem more peaceful and quiet. 


He also confirmed that my mother who had passed away is with me now to watch over me and my girlfriends friend who passed away is watching over her also.


Scott also balanced the energies at my shop and home to give my girlfriend, children and I a more relaxing atmosphere to be in. He found several negative earth energies at both places so I can change things around to avoid these energies. 


Scott provides positive energies on a daily basis to my girlfriend, daughter and myself to help us get through our daily ordeals better. He provides these energies to our spirit guides and help increase our mental, emotional and spiritual sides.


I would like to see Scott help others as he has helped my family and I."


Channing B., Wisconsin, USA

"For a long time I have felt “things” watching me and having trouble sleeping. My boyfriend and I have fought for a long time about small things that weren't really necessary to fight about.

He (Scott) cleared out our apartment of spirits that were harmful and causing problems that were draining our energy and causing some of the arguments. He also provided a protective “barrier” to help keep out bad spirits and other bad things.


He found negative energies and other harmful energies that were in and under our apartment that were causing us to feel very tired for no reason. He called the energies under our apartment geopathic stresses.


He provided me a health assessment to see how my body was functioning and my spirit guides health. He gave positive energies to increase my spirit guides health and my mental, emotional and spiritual health levels. He also gave positive energies to my boyfriend to help him feel better.


I think that he can help other people that are in the same situation that we were in."


Oceana P., Wisconsin, USA


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